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House Green Salad

Garden vegetable with ginger dressing

Salmon Skin Salad

Broiled salmon skin, seaweed salad tobiko eel sauce

Salmon Avocado Salad

with house salad special sauce

Tuna Avocado Salad

with house salad wasabi yuzu sauce

Treasure Island

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, seaweed salad, avocado with miso sauce

Miso Soup
Clear Soup

Clear chicken & beef broth with onion and mushroom

Seafood Soup

Shrimp, scallop, crab, fish cake, vegetables

Beef Negimaki

Thinly sliced beef rolled, with scallion, teriyaki sauce

Rock Shrimp

Deep fried shirmp with spicy sauce

Shrimp or Chicken Tempura

Gently fried shrimp or chicken vegetable with tempura sauce

Soft Shell Crab

Deep fried soft shell crab with sweet chili sauce

Tuna or Salmon Tartar

Chopped tuna / salon with avocado, mango, cilanto with yuzu sauce

Black Pepper Tuna Tataki

Sliced pepper tuna crunch fish egg with aioli sauce

Yellowtail Jalapeno

Yellowtail sashimi with yuzu sauce

Salmon Lover

Cucumber, mango wrapped with fresh salmon

Tuna Pizza

Pancake with fresh tuna, red onion, pepper jalapeno anchovy aioli

Kobe Beef Tataki
Air Force One Roll

Spicy crunch tuna, avocado inside, top with tuna, avocado and tobiko

Angel Roll

Cajun tuna, asparagus inside, top with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel crunch & rainbow tobiko

Bomb Lobster Roll

Lobster tempura, mango, cucumber, lobster salad with soy bean paper (yellow)

Crazy Roll

Black pepper tuna & avocado inside, top with spicy crunch tuna

Crystal Roll

Spicy crunchy tuna, top with 4 kinds caviar

Dragon Roll

Eel & cucumber, topped with avocado and fish eggs

Fancy Roll

Crunch crab meat inside, yellowtail & avocado on top with special jalapeno dressing

Fire Roll

BShrimp, cucumber, kani and avocado with spicy yellowtail and avocado on top

Flower of the Sea Roll

Shrimp, mango, crab meat and cucumber inside, top with salmon and black tobiko

Godzilla Roll

Salmon, crab, white fish, avocado, wrapped with seaweed lightly fried with special sauce

Roll Combo

California roll, tuna roll and salmon avocado roll

Unagi Don

Broiled eel over rice

Spicy Roll Combo

Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll and spicy yellowtail roll

Sushi Regular

7 pcs sushi & California roll


Assorted raw fish over rice

Sashimi Don

Tuna, salmon or yellowtail over rice

Tri-Color Sushi

3 pcs tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail and California roll

Tri-Color Sashimi

5 pcs tuna, 5 pcs salmon & 5 pcs yellowtail

SSushi and Sashimi Combo

5 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi and spicy tuna roll

Lover Boat for 2

10 pcs sushi, 20 pcs sashimi, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll & California roll

Vegetable Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki
Steak (Rib Eye) Teriyaki
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
Chicken & vegetable Tempura
Shrimp Hibachi
Lobster Tail Hibachi (2pcs)
Crispy Duck wtih Sandwich Bun or Rice
Mango Chicken
Nebe Yaki Udon or Soba
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