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New York (5 Boroughs) | New Jersey | Connecticut

Large parties over 25 guests may elect our catering options, which are served by our omakase chefs and prepared with the same premium omakase ingredients. Service staff is included in the prices. Menu customizations are available by request but may be subject to price changes.


Chef will prepare fresh temaki hand roll with sushi rice, crispy nori, and the guests’ choice of seafood / veg. Each roll is made-to-order and each roll may be customized per each guest's wish.

$50-75 per person


Chef will prepare all types of sushi, including hand rolls, maki rolls, and nigiri. The experience will mirror a sushi bar experience at a restaurant and will be made-to-order.

$90-125 per person

Light Omakase

(10 pieces)

$155 per person

Traditional Omakase

(15 pieces)

$195 per person

Signature Omakase

(20 pieces)

$235 per person

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*$500 minimum for all parties
*Large parties will be required to pay an upfront deposit, 20% service fee and meet a $2,000 order minimum

Premium fish selections may be subject to additional charges. Complimentary sauces and accompaniments may include: soy sauce, tamari, sriracha kewpie, scallion, toasted sesame, pickled ginger and wasabi.

The chef will make sushi for approximately 1.5 hours. Customers must provide and set up tables, chairs, plates and utensils. We don't need anything else from you.

Cancelation Policy & Weather Policy:

Cancelation policy & weather policy: 24 hours notice for all cancellations parties or guest will be charged a fee of $200. Rescheduling is fee of charge. If it rains, customer is required to provide some type of covring for the chef to make sushi under so they can stay dry. We can cook under tents, and patios. Customer is responsible for canceling due to rain or inclement weather within 24 hours of your party.

Travel Fee Policy New York

Within 30 miles-Free

30-50 miles-$50

50-75 miles-$100

>75 miles-$150

We would like to make sushi party at your place

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